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MAKroy is soon retiring from MineCraft server admin in celebration of the birth of his son. This new arrival may or may not be named Ragna. Kroy along with many other RagnaCraft players continue to enjoy the minecraft community, which is supported with awesome staff (from Australia, America and Europe), great moderators, and a brilliantly mature (relatively) drama free community. You can catch up with him and other friends new and old on the PvE, RCA, and PvP servers of the NetherEndingStory, which RagnaCraft formed alongside damNation. We also continue to offer a Feed The Beast server to established members (Tekkit, RIP).

---> www.netherendingstory.com <---

RagnaCraft remaines as the PvP server; given the wars and strife in our adventures in PvP (and PvE) that seems appropriate. RagnaCraft Adventures continues to offer the best of games, puzzles, events, adventure maps and more. And of course Etheria lives on as part of the damNation multiverse. If you were a RagnaCraft player pre-merge without any bans, your account on the PvE server is still active. This forum will be availble in archive format only. A new forum at www.damnation.eu is available.

Thanks to everyone since 2011 to 2014 who supported and enjoyed RagnaCraft. Please stop by our new PvE home to see some of the new additions to our experience:

  • 50 worlds to explore: 1.7 worlds; custom terrain generation; amplified; jungle; Hoth ice world and more
  • bungy network (coming soon) switch servers without leaving minecraft
  • Epic build projects (Uamh II; Eldaria RPG world; Deus Mundi Modern Creative; Atlantis (full-height water world)
  • Survival Games maps (four)
  • Mob Arena
  • Quick Shops
  • Dynamic Map
  • Competitions
  • Quests
  • Dungeons
  • Donator ranks honoured
  • and more.

Active Map - PvE (damnation's dynamap)

Vew the map full-size on Damnation's website